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by Donut Heart

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released October 8, 2016

all songs by Alfred Ladylike, except 7 by Sxip Shirey
performed by Donut Heart at T berlin, April 10, 2016
recorded/mixed by Sandro Chiaravalle
additional mixing by Josh Gura
cover artwork by Jack Bride
donut logo by Marion Barry

Alfred Ladylike - ukulele and main vocals
Dara Star - bass, backing vocals on 5
Rah Hell - drums, backing vocals on 5



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Donut Heart Berlin, Germany

Donut Heart plays soulful ukulele rock, bouncing double and triple entendres on top of quirky, quickening rhythms and universal truth.

header photo by Johannes Manuel Benjamin CC BY 2016

Donut Heart logo by Marion Barry
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Track Name: Professional
I'm pretty busy
I'm a professional, professional, yeah
I'm pretty busy
I'm a professional time waster

I'm always busy
being professional, professional, yeah
I'm pretty busy
I'm a professional time waster

I will be late no matter what time I
set my alarm, why do I even try?
don't get me started on the internet
distractions, they are limitless

then indecision kicks in, it's half past noon
I look around and start to pace the room
stopping and starting and healing and scarring
and measuring everything over and over again

I waste so much time, it's not even…
I waste so much time, I can't even…

I'm pretty busy, though
I'm a professional, professional, yeah
I'm pretty busy
I'm a professional time waster

I'm always busy
being professional, professional, yeah
I'm pretty busy
I'm your professional time waster

you should have seen me in the muesli aisle
a big decision so it took me quite a while
comparing prices and nutrition facts
I pick one up, I change my mind, I put it back

I made a mess and cleaned it up
I'm still standing on square one
I know nothing's getting done here

sometimes I don't even leave the house
I get dressed and don't go out
I feel like that now

in my opinion, my professional, professional opinion
I need to get another job, yeah
I'm pretty busy, but I'll find the time...
Track Name: Batley
round and around you go
outside my windy-O
I spot your silhouette
outside the tenement

the perimeter
of the courtyard
just above the roof line
nothing sinister
just a flying mouse
not a stinking vampire

one, two, three, ah ah ah ahh…

round and around you go
outside my windy-O
I spot your silhouette
outside the tenement

sounding frequencies
to echolocate
all the tasty insects
eat up
all the little bugs
so the stupid fly
don't come in my kitchen

my diurnal eye
I observe your flight
in the waxing darkness
I'll see
you tomorrow night
at the same bat time
on the same bat channel
bat channel, same bat channel
same bat, same bat

I’ll see you…
straining my eye…

oh, my Batley!
Track Name: Flirtaholics Anonymous
Flirtaholics Anonymous
why does the world have to be so monogamous?

I am a repeat offender
long-term relationship ender
put me on a 12 step program
to wean me off forbidden romance

leaving countries to escape the
consequence of my behavior
poisoned friendships, ruined lives
now it's worse 'cause they have wives, oh!

crawling over bloody stones and severed limbs
from a series of unattainable hims
once again in a familiar battle scene
it was never my intention to be mean

Flirtaholics Anonymous
I can't ignore the purple hippopotamus
it doesn't take a clinical psychologist
to see the pattern here and tell you there's something wrong with this

casual physical contact overdone
I know that it's wrong but it is so much fun
looking into someone's eyes don't count as cheating
listen to the floor boards, hear the tell-tale beating

Flirtaholics Anonymous
it's a support group for people like all of us
I have a sponsor now, yeah, he pats me on the back
but as it turns out, we're both kinda into that!

I must be in denial
I can't wipe this smile
off my face
they're gonna put me on a trial
in a little while
and burn me at the stake!

I'm not saying I don't deserve it
look all the people I been hurtin'
not least of all myself
I know my logic is perverted
I just keep on flirting
I really should get help

Black Hawk Down or Enter Sandman
crescent moon devouring landmarks
wishing we could stretch out time
'cause in that moment you were mine!

I'm in it for the thrill of chasing
careless of the hearts I'm breaking
and the worst part is that I don't
even want what I am taking!

I know that this song won't win me many friends
but before the current situation ends
with another couple bodies in my wake
I have got to finally learn from my mistake
Track Name: The Buddy System
there was a field trip in grade one
we went to the aquarium
the teacher made sure everybody
stuck together with their buddy

now that I'm grown up
I find this system still holds up
with one sock off and one sock on
we hit the pavement, nothing wrong

with fresher air and wetter ground
scenery changing around
we used one lifeline: phone-a-friend
she said hold hands until the end

I told you it's ok
to jump the last step, anyway
I'm holding on to you so tight
you couldn't fall down if you tried

and the ants go marching two by two, hurrah

that's The Buddy System
The Buddy System
buddies, holding hands all through the night
use The Buddy System
Buddy System
gotta grab your buddy, hold him tight

all through the night

you're losing frames, seeing spots
I'm trying to connect the dots
The Buddy System you should always remember
'cause if we get lost, well, at least we're together

another time, another buddy
noticed I was talking funny
we started walking, walking it off,
and waiting it out, we bought some refreshments

I wanna kick my pancreas
for failing at this simple task
I swallowed the spider, it’s not catching the fly
and I don’t know why, and I don’t know why

sometimes I feel so helpless
but as always, walking helps, yes
hold me - holy shit, this Kaiser's is open
24 hours, but still not on sundays!

and the ants go marching two by two
the ants go marching two by two
and the ants go marching two by two, hurrah

I said hurrah...
all through the night...

and the ants go marching two by two

so grab your buddy and hold him tight
stick to your buddy all through the night
yeah, that's The Buddy System
Track Name: Mountain Mama
hey this looks familiar, I'm not really sure
but I get the sensation I've been here before
'cause time loops back around on a circular track
a hungry serpent biting itself in the ass

and I don't even know how I know that the donut is whole
and it's silver and spinning and everything in it is now

looking in the mirror across from my bed
whispers with the wisdom inside of my head
mountain mother child in the opposite skin
black and white and purple, the painting we're in

you can never escape from the toroidal shape of the sound
even though I'm missing my sister, I know that I'm with her somehow

we eat and breathe the signals from radio towers
then fart and cry it out, unaware of our powers
extract your inspiration from fossilized shit
your ancient grandmother will appreciate it!

will I rise, will I fall, standing tall, raise my arms to the wall
everyone, everything, everytime, I'm embracing it all
oh yeah...
Track Name: There Is No...
there is no piece of rope long enough
for you to choke all the necks that
deserve to be choked

and there is no ray of hope for the many
who can't cope with the laws of
nature and of man

make up a story to explain
it might alleviate the pain
but anyone with half a brain
can see it is just a fantasy

easy answers will placate
so they don't mind manipulation
by the power-hungry

there is nowhere to go when you
already know that you'll end up right
where you began

and there is no tiny mole in a hole
who controls what the weather will be
like on groundhog day

Track Name: Grandpa Charlie
the boy grew up with a mother so shitty
threw a turkey at the wall
and the stain wasn't pretty

they went to Brockton shoe town city
wore the life of Stacy Adams
even when they stopped fitting, hey!

oh, oh, ooooooooh...

straight as an arrow in school, he was witty
and a whole lotta luck
helped him through the nitty-gritty

he went down south to Baltimore city
banged a dent in his head just a
dancing on the jitterbug

the girls up north, they were shy little kittens
but the ones in Baltimore
changed the game he was playing, uh…

went back, got married, got to work, and had a family…

now what's the point of living pretty
if you're not happy?
what a shame, what a pity

if you could go back, would you choose differently?
well, there is no going back
so fuck off all you critics, hey!